Preventative Maintenance and Repairs are essential for keeping your investment running. We understand vehicle maintenance can be a little intimidating and costly. Here at Turning Point Auto Sales and Service, LLC we want to be upfront and honest with all of your repair and maintenance needs.


If you're unsure what maintenance you need, we would be more than happy to take a look at your vehicle or equipment and give you an estimate.


All of our services are by Appointment only. Due to time restraints and to make sure none of our customers are inconvenienced we do not accept drive/walk in services.


Please give us a call, we may have a last minuet cancellation available. 


     Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.

                 Some Services Provided:


  * Brakes      * Drive Train    * Fuel Injection


  * Seasonal inspections    * Lights     * Battery


  * Overhaul  * Tune Ups   * Exhaust  * Tire Service


  * Oil Change Service   * Diagnostic Services


  * Check Engine Light Services   * Minor Fabrication


  * Heavy Duty Repair/Maintenance available

  * NYS Inspections

Fleet Maintenance:

We understand the importance of keeping your business vehicles on the road. We also understand that it cost time and money each day you go without your vehicle.


With that said, we promise to give our fleet business customers top priority and get them serviced as quickly as possible.


Our technician is also Bendix certified in air brakes for both Tractor and Trailers.